Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Poor neglected blog

I've spent the last several month emerged in the book and my poor blog hasn't gotten the attention it deserves. Hopefully it won't be too mad at me. If it is, I'm sure it can get together with my livejournal and smother me in my sleep. Nothing horrific or gory. i save that stuff for the book.

Here's a brief list of ways Sophia is killed in the book:

Killed by a Roman centurion in the Second Dacian War
Killed by an Indian during the Schenectady Massacre
Burned alive during the French witch hunts
Shot by a police officer after the Great Kanto Earthquake
Buried alive (event not specified)
Had her heart carved out ritualistically (event not specified)
Hanged (even not specified)
There are attempts on her life, but you have to read the book for that. They are uber-spoilery.

I think the descriptions of these will most likely push the book into the urban fantasy category rather than paranormal romance. There's dark and then there's me.

Another fun fact: the book uses many languages

English (everyone obviously)
Coptic (Valentinus. Talk about a pain to find)
Aramaic (Maggie. Again, total pain to find)
French (Janie. Fortunately, I speak it)
Japanese (Janie.)
Latin (Maggie reads inscription from Saint Peter's Basilica)
Greek (Grigori and Luke)
Hebrew (Melania and God)
Chinese (Semyaza)

I think that is everything.

I love dead languages, but some of the words were hard to find. My favorite word was meli, which is ancient greek for honey as a term of endearment for Janie.

I hope all this work created a believable universe.

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