Saturday, June 12, 2010

The 16th

I didn't get to send this yesterday, since I didn't have internet.

Yesterday was my 16th Wedding Anniversary. 16 is my lucky number. I didn't get to spend the day with my wonderful hubby. Instead I traveled to NYC to go to the Long Island Romance Writers' Annual Luncheon. There I met with agents and other writers.

I woke up and my voice was scratchy. When I arrived at the lunch, I barely had a voice. At least I'll be memorable. I did get several requests for partials. I'll send those on Monday. I have my foot in the door. Now it is up to the writing.


  1. Jean it was great to see you at the luncheon. We are so pleased when our writer attendees dip their live bait into the rapidly flowing waters and reel one in! Please keep me updated. And, Happy Anniversary! Beth (writing as Jenna Victoria).

  2. Congrats on 16 years of marriage! Sorry about your voice. Obviously you did fine since you got some requests. Way to go! Good luck with them.

    Thanks for joining us at our annual luncheon and hopefully we'll see you next year.
    ~ Donna
    President of LIRW