Monday, December 28, 2009

The Twelve Days of Jeanie Day Three: Never Here Alone

Collective Soul is one of my favorite bands. Besides having the best name in rock and roll, I can't decide on a favorite album, let alone favorite song. They were my children's first rock concert. Younger was so young, Hubby carried her in one of those baby backpacks. Yes, the band is still together, minus Ross Childress on lead guitar. The song I choose is from their 2007 CD Afterword.

I chose this song because the Beatles' "With a Little Help From My Friends" was too obvious. I want to include songs in the 12 Days of Jeanie that not only illustrate me, but expose my friends to songs they may not have heard. This song wasn't even released as a single.

Had a thought but it hurt
So I let it go
I let it go
See I don't need these verses
Laying down their blues on me today

I'm never here alone
I thought I heard some angel say
You'll never be alone
I know I heard my father sing
I'm never here alone
I'm never here alone

Have a scar, yeah a scar
So I let it show
I let it show show
See I don't need tomorrow
Fearing from the pain of yesterday


I'm starting back where love begins
Gonna get me those blue skies
Those blue skies again


Never Here Alone

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