Friday, October 16, 2009

Even my daughters are unconventional

Last year, searching for Halloween costumes was a pain, to say the least. My youngest daughter wanted to be a cowgirl faerie. I loved the idea and spent several hours going from store to store looking for a cowgirl outfit. We already had wings. When we had been to every store and came up with nothing, my daughter decided to change her costume. She found a way too bright psychedelic costume and decided to be a hippy faerie. She is my flexible daughter.

Not so with my oldest daughter. She's a tween, a very tall one. She no longer fits into kiddie costumes. After going to every store, I was tired and wanted to go home. I let her get a Dorothy costume that cost way too much. Her father said she had to wear it the next year.

Now is that next year and my daughter doesn't want to be Dorothy. I told her we could play with the idea. She could be Zombie Dorothy or my favorite, Vampire Dorothy. Dorothy strayed off the yellow brick road and was attacked by a vampire. She didn't like these ideas. Hubby and I tried to convince her how cool this would be, when mother's intuition told me she didn't want to wear the wig again. I was right. After being told she didn't need to wear the wig, the idea wasn't so bad. Hubby said we would get her ruby slippers.

"Daaaaaad," she said in that voice tweens start practicing, so when they are teens, they have it perfected. "Dorothy didn't wear ruby slippers. She wore silver ones."

That's my girl. I told her we could get her silver shoes and she could explain to everyone why she wasn't wearing ruby slippers. She loves the idea.

So my youngest this year is going to be Bat Girl. I think she just wants to go POW and BAM every chance she gets. My oldest is going to be BOOK Dorothy.

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